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  1. Silvijo

    Forgotten Station

    Thank You Eye, I was download photo from my web page and thats the reason whay logo stand on shot
  2. Silvijo

    Waiting For The Summer

    Thank You Dirk, appreciate !
  3. Silvijo

    Windy Tales

    Thank You all :)
  4. Silvijo

    Forgotten Station

    Thank You, Marco !
  5. Silvijo

    Waiting For The Summer

    Thank You my friends... some kind of cross processing feeling is here, but its just a game with colors, sharpening got with filter "clarify" , old version of Paint Shop Pro softwer got this filter
  6. Silvijo


    Thank You !
  7. Silvijo

    Waterfall Line

    Thank You :)
  8. Silvijo

    Winter Blues

    Thank You :)
  9. Silvijo

    Take a seat!

    This is it, make it simple and will be great, bravo !
  10. Silvijo


    good composition, nice 3D feeling
  11. Silvijo

    Navi di Rovigno

    Thank you :)
  12. Silvijo

    Forgotten Station

    Thank You my friend, this is my old works, right now I don't have any equipment, so I put my old stuff, thank You one more time :)
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